First Aid/1st Response

Holding a current 1st Response certificate or other recognised first aid qualification is part of becoming a Leader in Guiding – as well as being a practical skill for any person to have.

This does need updating every 3 years if you are using the qualification when going away within Girlguiding. The course lasts for one day, usually from 9am to 4pm. The cost, which can be claimed from your unit, is £25 for the full day. Cheshire Border offers this opportunity six times a year, but Divisions and Districts may also request this, so that their Leaders may complete a First Aid course in their local area.

Refresher courses, lasting 2 hours, for those Leaders using their updated qualification within their unit only, are also available on request.

Remaining dates for 2018

Saturday 24 November in Congleton

Dates for 2019


Saturday 23 March, New Life Church, Congleton.

Saturday 15June, New Life Church, Congleton.

Saturday 23 November, New Life Church, Congleton.



Dates of next courses

Download the application forms: Next Dates will be: September Form - 2018 November Form -  2018