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County badge
Our County Badge shows the wheatsheaf of the old Cheshire in the paws of a rampant blue lion. This lion was the badge of the ‘Macclesfield Hundred’, an old administrative territory with boundaries similar to our county of Cheshire Border. (NB. Since Stockport became a Guide County these boundaries are now slightly altered.)

Cheshire Border County Standard
The symbols and colours on our standard are as follows.

  • The World Badge shows we are part of world guiding.
  • A gold trefoil on a blue field (the background) represents the sun in a blue sky shining on Guides and Girl Scouts all around the world.
  • Our Motto for guiding ‘Be Prepared’, using Baden-Powell’s initials (our founder) is black lettered on yellow. ‘I Serve’, on the reverse side, is the county motto from the original wheatsheaf which was the motto of the original Cheshire County Girl Guides.
  • Four wheatsheaves in gold on a blue field remind us of the Brownie and Guide sections and also of the blue rivers and meres of our countryside.
  • Four lions, blue with red eyes, tongues and claws, on an aquamarine field, remind us of the new county rising from the old. The colour of aquamarine represents the Senior Section and the green of our forests and farmlands.

(Note this was before the advent of the Rainbow section). Both the badge and standard were designed by Mrs Barbara Fawkes.

County Badges for Sale


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Egerton Hall £1.00

County Standard

Woven £1.50

Metal £2.00

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