Try Dive with Hartford Sub Aqua Club

Try Dive with Hartford Sub Aqua Club

2nd Goostrey Guides recently enjoyed a Try Dive with Hartford Sub Aqua Club. The dive took place at Sir John Deanes’ College Leisure Centre which is where the club meets on Friday nights.

We had to find out about the equipment and safety rules first and know the signs that divers use when under the water. We then tried the jackets on with the oxygen tanks and had a go!  It was strange at first being under the water but we learned about how to use the mouthpiece and how to use the jacket to aid bouyancy.

goostrey guides

The girls quickly became more confident and began to swim up and down the pool – they were even playing games under the water throwing objects to each other by the end of the session! The instructors were very encouraging and all girls had one-to-one tuition which was brilliant.

Try Dives are available on Friday evenings to Guides or Senior Section members over 12 years of age and fun snorkelling sessions are also offered for younger girls.

For further details please email or telephone 0844 870 7426. Further information is also on the club’s website