Wilmslow District Event – Cadbury World Trip

Cadbury World Trip

Very early morning (too early for some!) on Saturday 21st April, four coaches full of extremely excited members of Wilmslow District Girlguiding (consisting of 15 Rainbows, 85 Brownies, 65 Guides, 12 Young Leaders/Senior Section and 34 Leaders/lucky parents) set off for a choc-filled day of fun at Cadbury World.

They explored the chocolate Aztec jungle, populated by the Mayan people that some of the Brownies had learnt about in school. Then they travelled back in time to Bull Street, set in Victorian times, where John Cadbury introduced the history of Cadbury’s.  They saw a special effects film of how chocolate is made and felt their benches shake whilst watching the chocolate beans being processed. In the Demonstration room, they wrote their names in liquid chocolate, and saw how chocolate is poured into moulds. The Chocolate Making room was a special treat, where they were given a cup of liquid chocolate and added toppings such as marshmallows and fudge before devouring it.

Beanmobiles carried them on a relaxing Cadabra ride, where it was fun to spot Cadbury cocoa bean characters, before planting, growing, and harvesting their own virtual cocoa tree in the interactive Purple Planet.

In the afternoon, they enjoyed an amazing 4D Chocolate Cinema Adventure which had everyone squealing and ducking for cover as virtual mini eggs flew at them and the Crunchie rollercoaster left everybody feeling exhilarated! Some Guides enjoyed it so much they went twice.

Before leaving there was even time to take on the 3 storey heights of the African Adventure Play Area with its tube slides, climbing zones and rope bridges.

Edie, a Brownie, said her favourite part of the day was “eating chocolate!!” and described the day as a “Great Yummy Experience!!!”

When one of the Guides, Eleanor, was asked to sum up the day in three words, she chose, “captivating, sociable, delicious” and said her favourite part of the day was the “4D cinema, because I felt like I actually was on a roller-coaster.”

Amy, one of the Young Leaders commented “It was very interesting to see how Cadbury’s chocolate is made and the girls really enjoyed themselves (especially the parts where they got to eat the chocolate)”.