International Selection Weekend 2019

For the information sheet, click here and to find the application form, click here.

At this weekend we will be selecting girls and leaders (please contact if you wish to come along) for the International trips in 2020. Age range for the trips will be for those that are 14 at the start of the trip (14 by Mid July 2020) and 18 by the end of the trip Рthis could mean that some Guides who are currently 12 will be eligible, likewise it could mean that some Rangers are too old to be a participant but could be a leader on the trips. Please also ensure that your Young Leaders are aware that they are eligible for selection too.

We do have a tight timescale and forms will need to be printed and posted back to myself at the address on the forms along with a cheque for £35 (again details on the forms). It is first come first served, as always and we have an exciting selection weekend planned.

If you would like someone to come along and do a little presentation about the trip please contact, it would be great to have some under represented area’s this year – we have big plans!