County Awards

 County Good Service


The Good Service Brooch is a silver metal brooch with blue and green enamel. It is accompanied by a certificate. At one time only a Certificate of Good Service was awarded. A new brooch design was introduced in 2010 which is on the right.




Sue Banks Capesthorne
 Sue Orth  Capesthorne
 Lisa Gwilliam  Capesthorne
 Katie Hatton  Capesthorne
 Rachel Robinson  Capesthorne
 Helen Hulme  Middlewood
 Julie Jones  Middlewood
 Rachel Mayers  Middlewood
 Janet Griffith  Weaver
 Mary Cooper  Weaver


Maralyn Body Moreton
Cathy Consterdine Weaver
Karen Cragg Moreton
Kathy Hayward Moreton
Julia McCoy Middlewood
Lesley Saunders Capesthorne
Anne Taylor Middlewood
Debbie Tomlinson Middlewood
Jayne Wiggett Moreton


Alexis Tate Capesthorne
Pam Street Capesthorne
Sue Dyson Middlewood
Helen Greensmith Middlewood
Sally Garnett Middlewood
June Wardle Middlewood
Diane Bolton Moreton
Jane Dale Weaver
Janet Fallon Weaver
 Dot Harris  Weaver


 Sally Clipsham  Middlewood
 Julie Johnson  Middlewood
 Liz Kerr  Moreton
 Julia Short Moreton
Ros Schofield  Weaver
 Anne Carsons  Capesthorne


 Linda Pearson  Middlewood


 Bernie Bolton  Moreton
 Teresa Longhurst  Moreton
 Betty Bland Weaver
Pauline McKeown Moreton
 Teresa Skinner  Capesthorne


 Mrs Yvonne Farmer  Weaver
 Mrs Janette Webster  Weaver


 Libby Mooney  Capesthorne
 Jo Pierpoint  Capesthorne
Angela Ross  Capesthorne
Ann Harris Middlewood
Jean Lunt Middlewood
Rosie Zubko Moreton
Kath Dunn  Moreton


Sally Cork  Weaver


Mrs Patricia Wilson Macclesfield


Mrs Cynthia Adams Wilmslow
Mrs Jean Lysons Macclesfield
Mrs Aileen Higgs Sandbach
Mrs Dorothy Dentith Congleton
Mrs Jane Webster Knutsford
Mrs Margaret MacDonald Macclesfield


Mrs Pat Childs Macclesfield
Mrs Margaret Glenn Macclesfield
Mrs Jo Pierpoint Jodrell
Mrs Janet Burgess  Knutsford
 Mrs Eileen Thompson Sandbach


Miss Jean Simpson  Nantwich
Mrs Beryl Rooke Jodrell
Mrs Margery Densem Crewe
Mrs Dorothy Robinson Congleton


Mrs Barbara Laycock Wilmslow
Mrs Joan Wilson  Macclesfield


Mrs Jean Beswick Macclesfield


 Mrs Sue Taylor Congleton


Mrs Mary Bint Crewe
Miss Ellen Latham Crewe
Mrs Prue Bowles Sandbach


Mrs Joan Plant Congleton
Miss Chris Revett Crewe
Mrs Elsie Schofield Alsager
Mrs Kath Dunning Alsager
 Mrs Ann Adlington Congleton
Miss Elizabeth Appleyard Alsager
Mrs Irene Barthorpe Sandbach
Mrs Marion Cheshire Crewe
Miss Dot Harrop Crewe
Mrs Megan Thistlethwaite Congleton
 Mrs Jean Lunt North-East
Mrs Barbara Fawkes Wilmslow


 Mrs Grace Beeley  Macclesfield


  Miss Kathleen Bowers Wilmslow
 Mrs Margery Densem Crewe
 Miss Joyce Bradshaw Nantwich
 Miss Lucy Lloyd Crewe


Mrs Pat Ainley Wilmslow
Thanks Badge
Debbie Tomlinson Middlewood
Nicky Wylie Middlewood
Julia McCoy Middlewood
Karen Taylor Middlewood
Cath Webb
Sharon McLean
Vicky Barton Middlewood
Cathy Consterdine Weaver
Julia Hall Middlewood
Linda Pearson Middlewood
Pam Street Capesthorne
David McCoy Middlewood
Andy Taylor Middlewood
Nigel Pearson Middlewood
Don Lomghurst Moreton
The Star of Merit
badge_starofmerit100 The Star of Merit is a gold-edged blue star medallion with a gold-edged navy-blue ribbon. It may be given to a member between her 5th and 26th birthday who has diplayed great may also be given to any member in the same age group who, without risk to her own life, has shown great initiative or resposnsibility at an incident.
1974 Susan Powswell Margaret Barclay School
1981 Christine Holland Sandbach
1983 Helen Bill Sandbach
1998 Louise Bagnall Sandbach
2008 Kirstan Armitt Middlewood
 National Awards for Service – The Silver Fish
 fish The Silver Fish is the Association’s highest award, given in recognition of outstanding and distinguished service. It reflects an exceptional contribution to a wide section of Girlguiding including international guiding in the UK and abroad.
2013 Sue Taylor
National Awards for Service   –  The Laurel Award
 badge_laurel150 The Laurel Award is a silver medallion surrounded by green enamelled laurel wreath. The saphire blue ribbon has two green stripes bordering a central white stripe.This is awarded in recognition of outstanding service to guiding. In 2009 a new style brooch was introduced.
2018 Dorothy Dentith
2010 Chris Revett
Margery Bates
Heather Cann
 1981 Nancy Walthew
Region Chief Commissioner’s Award
This award is to recognise excellent service within Girlguiding North West England.


Teresa Longhurst Moreton

Pauline McKeown Moreton


Judy Wilson Moreton

Judy Povey Capesthorne


Tricia Wilson Middlewood
Libby Mooney Capesthorne
Jo Pierpoint Capesthorne
Lynn Bond Capesthorne
Megan Thistlewaite Weaver