Friends of Eastern Siberia Girl Scouts

North West England have very strong links with Girl Scouting in Eastern Siberia, part of the Russian Federation. Russia have now become full members of WAGGGS which is very exciting news.

Where it all began . . . . .

Friends of Eastern Siberia was formed to continue supporting the young Girl Scouting Association after a 5 year partnership between Girlguiding North West England and Siberian Girl Scouting. During the 5 years NW England funded 3 groups of Trainers to go and work with their Leaders on practical aspects of setting up and running Units, health and safety issues and local administration. At the end of the 5 years it was felt that continuing support would be beneficial and at the World Conference last year WAGGAS specifically asked if we could continue our support.

Activities involve . . . . .

  • continuing moral support through an exchange of e mails and fax to answer queries and provide information for leaders relating to administration, outreach, publicity, fund raising, and to provide encouragement. Friends have a wide range of experience and skills which can be drawn on.
  • talks and displays within NW England to both guiding and non guiding organizations to promote awareness of Girl Scouting in E Siberia
  • designing and assembling activity packs to provide awareness, information and practical activities for young people
  • compiling packs of training material for their leaders for use in E Siberia

Fund Raising . . . . .

  • through one off events e.g. coffee evenings, teas, dinners, garden parties, silent auctions
  • membership of the Friends organisation
  • sales tables at guiding and non guiding events of Russian items
  • the making of Russian style items for sale—aprons, dolls, toys, notelets

Grants are given to . . . .

  • Siberian leaders to enable them to attend national trainings and conferences in Moscow— this allows them to travel by air rather than a 2-3 day train journey and so take less time off work
  • to girls and leaders from Siberia to attend camps, trainings in NW England, this will include home hospitality provided by Friends
  • to girls and leaders from NW England to attend events in E Siberia—this will include ‘on the job’ training for their leaders.

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The group who travelled to Siberia in 2013 have a blog.