What are Guides?

Guides are girls usually aged between 10 and 14.

What do Guides do?

  • Guides challenge themselves with new and adventurous activities in five programme zones.
  • Guides have residential opportunities at sleepovers, camps and holidays. Many are lucky enough to travel abroad with guiding.
  • Community action is an important part of the programme – helping others or the environment, both locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Guides can work towards interest badges and annual challenge badges. Their highest award is the Baden-Powell Challenge Award.

What do Guides wear?

Guides wear practical clothes from a mix and match range with a variety of tops. Visit the online shop.

Looking for a Guide unit to join or help with?

If you are looking for a local Guide unit please visit the Girlguiding website and register. This is the most efficient way to find a unit near you as we will match you with a local guiding coordinator who will be able to tell you about local groups and get you started.

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