International in the Unit

Together we can

In early 2011 an exciting new activity pack was brought out for all sections, based around the UN’s 8 Millennium Development Goals. These goals were agreed in 2000, and will be reviewed in 2015, with the main aim of solving poverty and hunger worldwide. We can all do our part to bring the world nearer to reaching the goals.

Together we can will give girls and young women a clear understanding of the goals and how they can be achieved through engaging activities and ways to take action. There will be a badge available for each section.

Together we can covers some very important, but sometimes difficult subjects. There will be training offered to those who would like support or to simply find out more about the resource and what it’s about. There will be two training days held, one at CHQ and another in a location in the North of England, yet to be decided. If you are interested in attending one of these sessions, please email

Other Resources and Badges

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If you have any other ideas share them by emailing or ring Alexis (number in our county directory)