Waddow Hall – 2nd Holmes Chapel Guides

Waddow Hall – 2nd Holmes Chapel Guides trip 2018

On Saturday 24 February 2018, 2nd Holmes Chapel Guides went to Waddow Hall in Lancashire for the weekend. This was the first residential trip that our unit had been on, and we think that it’s been an enormous success! Waddow was a great opportunity for team building skill as lots of the activities involved team work. We stayed in the Adventure House near the main hall where we got our meals from. The Adventure House was a very clean, welcoming and modern environment. All the rooms had 3 – 4 beds in, and we picked our room-mates.

When we arrived in the grounds, the first thing we did was eat our packed lunch, welcoming the sun on that bitterly cold day as we sat on the picnic benches by the main house. We then split into our groups (Tom and Jerry!) and set off to our first activity. Group Tom went to the Jacobs ladder while Jerry did Archery.


Jacob’s ladder is where a team of 3 or 4 work together to get to the top of a huge ladder. This may sound like an easy task, but the ladder was made of massive logs that were round and really smooth. Oh, and getting further apart as it got higher, starting at about five feet and progressing from there (none of us got to the top!). This was such a great team building activity because the smaller Guides found it harder to get up without the taller, stronger Guides’ help. This involved a lot of laughing, pushing and pulling and giving them knee ups, trying to get them onto the next log rung. It was also team work for the people that were at the bottom be-laying (a rope pully-system) and making sure the Guides on the ladder didn’t fall.

In archery we learnt how to hold a bow and shoot the arrow properly. After a few practices we played a game called the cake game where each colour of the target was a different ingredient for a cake, but if you missed the target you burnt the cake and had to start again. The aim of the game was to bake a successful cake with 6 arrows.
Then we made our beds and played some games before our next activity. This was Night Line where we had to navigate obstacles blind folded as a team relaying messages of what everyone felt back along the line. We also did Game Zone with giant garden games and wooden skittles.
Dinner. This meal was delicious! For mains we had pasta and Bolognese with garlic bread and salad. For pudding we had a choc ice with a choice of fruit. Tea was amazing and very filling, so after we went to the activities room for some calming colouring and puzzle making. We got into our PJ’s and watched a movie with hot chocolate and biscuits. We then had a good night’s sleep.
In the morning after breakfast we went grass sledging. This is a sledge with caterpillar wheels. We had lots of fun sliding down the massive hill. Then we did Jacobs ladder and archery again, but the groups swapped activities. The instructors were fun, energetic and nice – but they also kept us safe and made sure we were comfortable doing all the activities. Before we went back home we had a cooked lunch of sausages, mash and baked beans, which was even better than tea! Most of us had seconds because it was so good. After this we cleaned out the Adventure House and made it spick and span – just as we’d found it.
We all really enjoyed our trip to Waddow, and these are some thoughts from our fellow Guides;
Describe our trip to Waddow in 3 words- “Fun, nice and exciting.”

What was your favourite part? “My favourite part was the grass sledging because it was really fun.”
“My favourite part was the nightline because it was really funny hearing everyone squealing as they encountered the next obstacle.”

Out of ten what would you rate the trip? “10/10 – it was amazing.” “9/10 – only because it was a really cold weekend, but definitely 10/10 if it was a bit warmer or in the summer.”
Written by Charlotte Moyle and Jess Green (aged 13)