Our Division badge represents the three towns; the 108 steps of Macclesfield, White Nancy in Bollington, St. George’s Church in Poynton and, of course, the Middlewood Way which links them together and from which we take our Division name.

Grant Application form – Middlewood Division

Our Division and its Districts

Contact Middlewood Division Commissioner:
Email: middlewood@girlguidingcheshireborder.org.uk

The Division is split into five Districts: Bollington, Brocklehurst, Broken Cross, Central and Sutton and Poynton.

Each District is led by a District Commissioner, who manages the day to day running of the District. Some of our District Commissioners are supported by a District Administrator who takes care of the paperwork associated with the District.

The Districts are:

  • Bollington has two Rainbow units, two Brownie Packs, two Guide units and a Senior Section unit.
  • Brocklehurst has two Rainbow units, four Brownie Packs and three Guide units.
  • Broken Cross has four Rainbow units, five Brownie Packs and four Guide units.
  • Central and Sutton has four Rainbow units, five Brownie Packs, six Guide units and a Senior Section unit
  • Poynton has two Rainbow units, six Brownie Packs, three Guide units and a Senior Section Unit.

The Division has a management team of both uniformed and non-uniformed members who take care of the day-to-day running of the Division.

Each of the units in the Division is run by a team of dedicated Guiders, adult helpers and Young Leaders. These teams give their time freely to organise the units meetings, outings for the girls and lots more!