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Our Division and its Districts

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Moreton Division covers the towns and surrounding areas of Alsager, Congleton, Holmes Chapel and Sandbach. It is headed by two Division Commissioners, five District Commissioners and a team of dedicated supporters.

The team meets regularly to discuss and plan forthcoming events in the Division and Districts. Events often include staging Gang Shows, outings to local theme parks or places of interest, camps and holidays in the UK and abroad, attending the Big Gig (Girlguiding UK’s very own pop concert) and joint events with the local scouts. There are over 1,000 members in the Division.

The Districts are:

  • Alsager District has three Rainbow units, five Brownie units, three Guide units and a District Senior Section unit. There is also a Friends of Guiding group and a Trefoil Guild.
  • Congleton Cloud District has four Rainbow units, six Brownie units, two Guide units and a Senior Section unit.
  • Congleton West District has two Rainbow units, five Brownie units, three Guide units and one Senior Section unit.
  • Holmes Chapel District has two Rainbow units, three Brownie units, two Guide units.
  • Sandbach District has four Rainbow units, six Brownie units, three Guide units and two  Senior Section units. They also have a Friends of Guiding Group and a Trefoil Guild.

There is also a Trefoil Guild in Congleton.