2nd Congleton West Rainbows BBB Challenges


All the photos are of 2nd Congleton West Rainbows completing challenges for the Big Brownie Birthday.

They went to Congleton Police Station where they had a tour, sat in the cells and the police car and had their fingerprints taken.


2nd_Congleton_West_Rainbows_-_Sleepover (1)
On their sleepover they had an adventure into space, tried to stargaze, made pizzas and rocket clocks.




Finally to finish the challenge they went to Foxfield Steam railway. They went on a steam train, saw Henry from Thomas the tank engine, and had an ice cream!

 2nd_Congleton_West_Rainbows_-_Foxfield  2nd_Congleton_West_Rainbows_-_Foxfield_2