Challenges and ideas for Indoor Meetings

Colombia and Shared Responsibility.

This has age appropriate challenges for all sections and could fill a good few weeks of your programme. It is divided into two sections – the first with games, food and crafts with a colombian theme and the second (optional section) about our responsibility in the west for the issues Colombian children face due to lifestyle choices we make – and what we can do about it!

 Flipping Magic and Keep on Swimming

are two further challenges also devised by Glasgow Guide Companies with a view to raising money towards the cost of an international trip. ‘Flipping Magic’ is based around gymnastics, including team building, event planning, cheer leading, relaxation and healthy eating – topical because World Championships are in Glasgow soon. ‘Keep on Swimming’ was inspired by the themes running through Finding Dory which is released next year – it has sections on friendship, creating memories, reminiscing as well as fish based crafts and activities.

Please take a look – could be your terms planning done!

Growing up Wild

London and South East Region have designed 8 Paw Print activity packs to help us get Growing up Wild. You can take your pick from suggested activities or choose your own activity. The packs are designed to get our girls outdoors and into their natural environments. Badges can be achieved as well. Click here for details