A County Division Training package was delivered to all four divisions of Cheshire Border.

Here are some ideas from the Brownie Trainings that Leaders can use within their units and it was thought that people may wish to access them.

  1. Brownie Responsibility cards
    Here is an idea to help older girls in a Brownie unit take on a responsible role in the unit. Leaders could discuss the suggested jobs for each responsibility, and then the girls could choose to accept the post from a position of knowledge. Each girl could then have a copy of the ‘job description’ . Jobs should be tailored to the circumstances of the unit.
  2. Pyramid Decision Making
    This is a method of encouraging the Brownie Sixes to make decisions to help to plan their unit programme.
  3. Team jobs and Team people
    This is an activity to promote discussion about who is on your leadership team, and how the various jobs can be delegated and shared round. Team leaders may like to print off the jobs and the people, and then organise an activity to put the two together. The aim of this activity is for unit Leaders to realise that no-one can/should do everything, and that guiding is more fun if the jobs are shared.