Young Leaders

What are Young Leaders?

Young Leaders are aged 14+ years old and are part of the ‘Senior Section’ of Girlguiding.

What do Young Leaders do?

Young Leaders work with Rainbow, Brownie, Guide or Senior Section/Ranger units. They take an active part in planning and running activities, trips and residential experiences. Those between 14 and 16 years may work towards gaining The Young Leader Qualification. After their 16th birthday they may start working on UK’s Leadership Qualification.

Many YL’s also work on other programmes such as Look Wider, DofE Award, or the Queen’s Guide Award. Some become Peer Educators.

The Senior Section CD will give you all the details you need and a look at the national website will show the range of clothing available to Young Leaders.

If you are interested in being a Young Leader please visit the Girlguiding website and register. This is the most efficient way to get started as you will be matched with a local guiding coordinator who will be able to tell you about local groups and get you started.

 Find out more about Young Leaders at Girlguiding